home is the place

where the dead walk

in dark alleys

and the living

are made of cardboard


and the imperial city outside is

the unreal void: the jungle

of options where humans

and simulacra enjoy delirious

excitement and neon novelty

next to moonlit rails

in empty basements

and frozen doorways


a closed café

always makes you cry

the abandoned cinema

used as a store

used as a junk room

for piled up timber

piled up coffins

and piled up arguments

makes you wonder


are we going

where we are going…


moonlit rails and

reptile enclosures

tram coaches withdrawing

to sinister surroundings

and lindwurm lodgings

for the dead of night


your home is the lindwurm lodging

beyond the barbed wire

protected by locks and more

refined devices: a place

where you seem to belong

where you return late

when you’ve run out of

evil places

vulgar places;

and out of mesons

and bodegas


Vienna 23.05.2007



       Gerhard Hanak :

Jede Seite möchte ich überschreiben mit dem Wort Gedicht


Collagen 1. qualitaet


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